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@ The City Of Quebec (The Quebec), (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ Blush, (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ Club Union, (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ ebab London - enjoy gay bed & breakfast London, (Accommodation), London
@ Ku-Bar (KU Bar), (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ Comptons of Soho, (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ Victoria Gay Hostel, (Miscellaneous), London
@ Chariots Streatham, (Cruising, Sauna, Bathing), London
@ G Spot Girl Bar, (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ The Two Brewers (2 Brewers), (Miscellaneous), London
@ Chariots Shoreditch, (Cruising, Sauna, Bathing), London
@ Duke of Wellington, (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ The G-A-Y Bar, (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ XXL London, (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ Heaven London, (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ 79cxr (79 CXR), (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ Fire London, (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ The King's Arms (Kings Arms), (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ Central Station King's Cross, (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ E15 Club, (Cruising, Sauna, Bathing), London
@ Vault 139, (Cruising, Sauna, Bathing), London
@ Central Spa London (ON), (Cruising, Sauna, Bathing), London
@ Rupert Street Bar, (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ The Village Soho, (Miscellaneous), London
@ Pleasuredrome, (Cruising, Sauna, Bathing), London
@ RVT - The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ barcode Soho (Bar-Code), (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ Balans Café Soho, (Miscellaneous), London
@ Green Carnation, (Going Out (Bar/Nightclub/Culture)), London
@ The Portsea, (Cruising, Sauna, Bathing), London

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